Earl of Doncaster - Timeline


The Earl of Doncaster 


The Duke of Monmouth's Time Line
(1st Earl of Doncaster 1649 - 1685)

Born as James Crofts on the 9th of April in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Arrived in England and had his name changed to James Scott (because of his impending marriage?)

Created Duke of Monmouth, Earl of Doncaster and 1st Baron Scott of Tynedale, Northumberland on the 14th of February

Invested as a Knight, Order of the Garter (KG) on the 28th of March

Married to Anne Scott (4th Countess of Buccleuch) and created 1st Duke of Buccleuch on the 20th April

Served in the English fleet under his uncle James, the Duke of York, in the Second Anglo-Dutch War

Became Colonel of the King's Life Guards

Promoted to Captain-General of the army

Commanded a Brigade in the Third Anglo-Dutch War

Involved in the Siege of Maastricht

Promoted to 'Commander in Chief' of the army

Commander of the Anglo-Dutch brigade fighting the French

Fought and won the battle of Bothwell Bridge

Banished from court for being Protestant and fled to the Dutch United Provinces

Charles II dies in February and his brother becomes James II leaving Monmouth with nothing

Landed near Lyme Regis with his army on the 11th June

Monmouth declares himself King On the 20th June

Fought and lost the Battle of Sedgemoor on the 6th July

Captured and imprisoned on the 9th July. All titles and estates were forfeit to the Crown

Executed on the 15th July

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