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The Earl of Doncaster 


Royal Lineage since 1066

Name Ruled between Notes
William I (The Conqueror) 1066 - 1087 AKA William the Bastard. The last big successful invader of the British Isles, apart from India, Pakistan and any Eastern European country that has joined the EU.
William II (Rufus) 1087 - 1100 Third and favourite son of William I. Accidentally killed by an arrow while out hunting - really?
Henry I 1100 - 1135 The youngest and most able of William the Conqueror's sons. Father of Matilda.
Stephen 1135 - 1154 Had problems with his cousin Matilda claiming to be Queen.
Henry II 1154 - 1189 Married Eleanor of Aquitaine. Responsible for the murder of Thomas Becket.
Richard I (The Lionheart) 1189 - 1199 A real Crusader but a poor King.
John 1199 - 1216 Probably the most hated and cruellest monarch in English history. Renaged on the Magna Carta.
Henry III 1216 - 1272 Not a successful King. Couldn't control his Barons.
Edward I (Longshanks) 1272 - 1307 Subdued both the Scottish and Welsh dissidents and ordered the expulsion of Jews from England in 1290.
Edward II 1307 - 1327 Creamed by Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn. Deposed by his wife and her lover in favour of his son.
Edward III 1327 - 1377 Created the first 3 English Dukedoms. His eldest son Edward, the Black Prince (1330 - 1376), was created Duke of Cornwall, the first English Duke, in 1337. Also started the 100 Years War.
Richard II 1377 - 1399 Grandson of Edward III and eldest son of the Black Prince.
Henry IV 1399 - 1413 First Lancastrian King.
Henry V (The Warrior King) 1413 - 1422 Obsessed with getting the French Provinces back under English rule.
Henry VI 1422 - 1461 Lancastrian. His first attempt at being King - well since 1437
Edward IV 1461 - 1470 Yorkist. His first attempt at being King.
Henry VI 1470 - 1471 Lancastrian. His second attempt at being King.
Edward IV 1471 - 1483 Yorkist. His second attempt at being King.
Edward V 1483 - 1483 Didn't last very long. Probably murdered on orders from his uncle who became Richard III.
Richard III 1443 - 1485 Usurped the throne. Infamous for killing his nephews the Princes in the Tower. Killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field.
Henry VII 1485 - 1509 Married Elizabeth of York ending the 'War of the Roses'.
Henry VIII 1509 - 1547 Probably the most famous of all English Monarchs, something to do with having 6 wives, defying Rome and founding the Church of England.
Edward VI 1547 - 1553 King at 9 years old, dead at 15. His short reign saw the full-scale introduction of Protestantism.
Lady Jane Grey 1533 - 1533 Was Queen for somewhere between 9 and 14 days depending on which account you read.
Mary I (Bloody Mary) 1553 - 1558 Eldest daughter of Henry VIII by Catherine of Aragón. A devout Roman Catholic who restored papal supremacy and persecuted Protestants.
Elizabeth I 1558 - 1603 Sister to Bloody Mary. Most well known for the Elizabethan age, defeating the Spanish Armada, Oh, and executing Mary Queen of Scots.
James I 1603 - 1625 Was also James VI of Scotland. Son of Mary Queen of Scots
Charles I (The Divine King) 1625 - 1649 Executed on January 30th 1649. The Colony of Carolina in the USA (now the states of North & South Carolina) was named in his honour.
The Lord Protectorates    
Oliver Cromwell 1653 - 1658 Self appointed protector of virtue. Caused the English Civil War (1642 - 1651) and a puritanical rule
Richard Cromwell (Tumbledown Dick) 1658 - 1659 Lacklustre son of Ollie - no surprise that the Monarchy was re-instated.
Back to the Royal line    
Charles II 1660 - 1685 Father of the Duke of Monmouth who was the first Earl of Doncaster.
James II 1685 - 1688 The man who had the first Earl of Doncaster executed.
William III and Mary II (of Orange) 1689 - 1702 The Dutch contingent. Mary died in 1694.
Anne 1702 - 1714 Apparently had very good legs - ask any antique furniture sales person.
George I 1714 - 1727 AKA German George - Elector of Hanover.
George II 1727 - 1760 The last British king to fight in battle.
George III (Mad King George) 1760 - 1820 During his reign we lost the American colonies and founded Australia - So, nothing to brag about.
George IV 1820 - 1830 Very ineffectual as a king but has a lot of Pubs named after him.
William IV 1830 - 1837 The 'Sailor King'. Third son of George III and younger brother of George IV.
Victoria 1837 - 1901 Probably the second most famous English Monarch. The award of occasional crosses for outstanding military gallantry are named after her.
Edward VII 1901 - 1910 Eldest son of Victoria & Albert. Bit of a rake and infamously linked with 'Jersey' Lily Langtry.
George V 1910 - 1936 Meddled in politics. The Irish Free State (Eire) was formed during his reign in 1916.
Edward VIII 1936 - 1936 Abdicated in 1936, couldn't think about anything other than "Wallis". Selfish sod.
George VI 1936 - 1952 Stuttering Bertie - "The Kings Speech" really is worth watching.
Elizabeth II 1952 - now Also awards crosses*. Ah, but who's next - Charles III or William V? And then George VII perhaps...


 * This new award was created in 2009 to provide national recognition for the families of Armed Forces Personnel who have died on operations or as the result of an act of terrorism.


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